Institutional / Government Facilities  

Linn County Juvenile Justice Center
Benton County Law Enforcement Center
Linn County Courthouse - Law Library Courtroom Conversion
Cedar Rapids / Linn County Solid Waste Agency - Office Remodeling
Linn County Courthouse - Restroom Remodeling
Eby Field House, Coe College – ADA Remodeling and Elevator Addition
Cedar Rapids Water Department – Storage Building
Linn County Elections Office Building – Schematic Design
Linn County Courthouse – Plaza Replacement
Linn County Courthouse – ADA Restroom
Prairieburg City Hall – Feasibility Study
West Liberty High School – Vo Ag Building
North Liberty High School – Wrestling Room Addition
Linn County Child Development Center – Restroom Remodeling
Linn County Witwer – Office Remodeling
Ecumenical Towers, Iowa City – Elevator Feasibility Study
The Ballet Academy
Troy Mills Area Housing Development Corp.
Phase I - Adaptive reuse of school to apartments
Phase II - Preschool

Options of Linn County – Entrance Canopies
L.I.F.T.S. office remodeling
Linn County Facilities – Existing Building Documentation
Linn County Court House
Options of Linn County
Linn County Jail
Linn County Health Department
Community Mental Health Center of Linn County
Witwer Senior Center
Administrative Office Building

Options of Linn County – Women’s Restroom Remodeling
* Options of Linn County – Area A Remodeling
* Linn County Conservation Wood Shop
* Linn County Conservation Vehicle Maintenance Addition
* St. Lukes Hospital – Computer Training Room
* St. Lukes Hospital – Laundry Facility
* Kirkwood New Business Center Renovation
* Linn County REC – Main Office Building
* Linn County REC – Southern outpost building
* Linn County REC – Roof Renovation

* Indicates projects completed as Lead Designer/Project Manager at Martin Design, P.C.